Index: Keith Ellis McCarty, Esquire ~ Theological Interpretive Commentary

Why the Jewish People do not Drink the Water for Eternal Life

Job and the Righteous Servant of G-d

The Prophet Like Moses

Exodus: Gods and Kings

Let Her Name Him Immanuel Became They Shall Call His Name Emmanuel

The Law of the King

Long Life

Resurrection of the Dead

Way of the Sea

Elijah, the Righteous Servant of G-d of Isaiah 53

The Year I Offered Myself for Guilt

The Angel of the Covenant

Jonah and the Righteous Servant of Isaiah 53

The Cup of G-d’s Wrath

Angels Are Hosts of the Lord of Hosts and His Spirit

Ezekiel and the Righteous Servant of G-d

The Twig, the True Line of King David

The Prophecy in Our World

The Scripture

Psalm 51 with Commentary

Psalms 22 and Commentary

The Captain of the Lord’s Host, a Gentile

Olam Ha-Ba, the World to Come

The Other Messiah

Isaiah 43 with Commentary

The Twelve Tribes of Israel Returned to Judah

Isaiah 11 with Commentary

The New Covenant

The Gospel of John, Chapter 1, with Midrash Commentary by Keith

Maimonides (Rambam) and His Laws Concerning Moshiach

Ezekiel, Chapter Three with Commentary

Messiah and the Spirit of G-d

Psalm 2, a Prophetic Song of David with Commentary

The Power of G-d in Creation

Isaiah 53/8 “Who could describe his abode?”


Zechariah, Chapter 1, with Commentary by Rashi and Keith

Cyrus, “YHWH’s Messiah” (HaShems Anointed King)

The Children of Israel are the Jewish People

Ezekiel 33, Verses 30-33

Jews for Jesus, Jews for Judaism, Eternal Life in the Tanakh, and Human Sacrifice in the New Testament

Prophecy to Return to Fulfill Prophecy

The Prophet Like Moses and Edom

The Sign of the Prophet

Utter Destruction

Judges and the Stories of HaShem

Stirring the Spirit of Armies

Abram and Mordecai

Rooms in the House of G-d in Heaven

Elijah and Me

The Acceptable Year of the Lord (1 vs 2016 c.e.)

The Heavy Hands of Moses and the Heavy Presence of G-d

The Redemption

Do Not Repent and be a Holy Seed (Isaiah 6 with Commentary)

Way of the Sea

Prophecy of Zechariah

Elijah and Elisha

The Suffering Servant in Jewish and Christian Theology

Solomon and Wisdom

The Rules of the God of the Land

Kings Shall be Silenced

The Man in Linen is Elijah

The Test of G-d in Isaiah 53

The Resting and Dwelling of G-d

Elijah and the Roman Exile

The Spirit of the Lord Shall Alight Upon Him

The Second Temple and Sin Forgiveness

ll Kings, Chapter 2 with Commentary

The God of Elijah

The Second Temple and Sin Forgiveness — Keith Ellis McCarty, Esquire

Isaiah 53 is Elijah

Elijah and the Covenant

King Melchizedek, Priest of God Most High

The Man Who Wrestles With Israel

Isaiah 53 and the Waters Divided Below Heaven

Moses and the Angel

Crushed With Disease (Isaiah 53/10)

The New Heaven of Isaiah 65

“but a body hast thou prepared me”

The Birth of the Person of the Spirit of G-d and How Angels are Created

My Name (HaShem “the name”) Dwells and Moves About

Moses and Joshua the Attendant

A New Song of God

Moses and the Seventy Elders

The Gospel According to Isaiah 53, Encountering the Suffering Servant in Jewish and Christian Theology, Chapter 2 JEWISH INTERPRETATIONS OF ISAIAH 53 by Michael L. Brown with Commentary by the Righteous Servant of Isaiah 53

A Shoot Shall Grow out of the Stump of Jesse

Isaiah 53/8 “Who could describe his abode?”

The Cords of the Power of God

Ezekiel “a spirit entered into me”

Holy Spirit in Judaism

An E-Mail to Rabbi Tovia Singer on His Midrash of Isaiah 53

Elijah the HaMoshiach and the Third Temple for G-d’s Return

The Word “Jew” is From G-d, Not Judah

A Day in the Life of G-d’s Righteous Servant of Isaiah 53

My Midrash of Isaiah53; Suffering Servant Jesus Christ, Suffering Servant Israel or G-d’s Righteous Servant Keith Ellis McCarty (Elijah)

The Covenant of G-d’s Righteous Servant and G-d of Isaiah 53

How G-d Came to Be

Isaiah 53/3 and the Jewish Publication Society

What Has Not Been Told or Ever Heard

Through the Sin of My People

Why All Men Suffer, the Good and the Bad

Isaiah 11 and Isaiah 53, Devotion and an Abode