In the first years of my punishment for guilt by the hand and power of G-d as His righteous servant described in Isaiah 53 He gave me incredible visions that served as story lines for what we did and what we talked about during that time.

The most involved was water in the Temple and it is a good example of how G-d would use any (and all when it was said and done) of the stories of the Tanakh and the New Testament to teach me the scripture and use it in my daily life for chastisement, punishment, bruising and crushing.

One summer as I was being prepared suitable for G-d’s purpose He had me quit working and I was living on my last dollars at a weekly hotel outside of Houston in a rural area. G-d was cutting me off from the world of material things and association with society to fulfill the prophecy of being cut off and taken from the world of Isaiah 53/8. I was in his grasp every moment of every day my every move at his direction, listening and talking to Him.

This writing is of a vision based on a story of a vision by Ezekiel. G-d taught me through much mental duress and anguish how to prepare for a vision in a meditative state of mind. It takes an hour or more and you cannot let yourself fall asleep.

One night after I had read Ezekiel 47/1-12 discussing every line of these verses with G-d I had a vision of entering the Temple gate on the east side, the Temple as I have seen it in pictures rebuilt though the sacrificial altar in front was not there. I am looking directly at the entrance in the front just inside the walls and from beneath the doors water is pouring out and flowing down the steps.

I looked down and see my bare feet are in water up to my ankles. G-d always speaks to me during these visions. I have had visions of angels but they never speak to me.

The next day I went to the Addicks Dam Reservoir just outside the city limits. The rain had been coming down hard filling the reservoir which is usually just a dry low area of land with levy’s to keep the water from the city.

G-d had me take off my shoes which was unusual and head to a path that went up and over the levy which is about 30 yards high in walking distance and into a barren forest.

Keith Ellis McCarty, Esquire


1″He led me back to the entrance of the Temple, and I found that water was issuing from below the platform of the Temple—eastward, since the Temple faced east—but the water was running out at the south of the altar, under the south wall of the Temple. 2Then he led me out by way of the northern gate and led me around to the outside of the outer gate that faces in the direction of the east; and I found that water was gushing from [under] the south wall. 3As the man went on eastward with a measuring line in his hand, he measured off a thousand cubits and led me across the water; the water was ankle deep. 4Then he measured off another thousand and led me across the water; the water was knee deep. He measured off a further thousand and led me across the water; the water…

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