I am G-d’s righteous servant of Isaiah 53 the teacher of righteousness. The scripture testifies of me and Moses wrote of me. I am the prophet like Moses. I speak to G-d face to face, G-d speaks to me as one friend to another, G-d speaks to me whenever He so desires, I speak to G-d whenever I so desire and I write His words exactly as He speaks them to me. Just like Moses.

That includes all of the commentaries on this wordpress site. G-d teaches me the material and then dictates the commentary which I type. He makes it a very involved process with many edits and changes to make me feel that I am participating but when the “publish” button is pressed it is at His command and the writing and commentary is all His.

This is scripture that has not been canonized. Scripture written not by divine inspiration but written at the command and direction of G-d just as The Torah was written by Moses. The Writings and The Prophets of the Tanakh were written for the most part in the same manner:

Elijah Was A Host Of The L-rd of Hosts In The Scripture (II Kings, Chapter 2, Verse 9 Tanakh)

Zechariah and a Host of the L-rd of Hosts

The Captain of the Lord’s Host

The Man Who Wrestled With Jacob; a Host of the L-rd of Hosts

The Terebinths of Mamre and a Host of the L-rd of Hosts

A Host of the L-rd of Hosts

Adam, the First Host of the L-rd of Hosts

An Angel, the L-rd and a Messenger

Job and the Righteous Servant of G-d

Jonah and the Righteous Servant of Isaiah 53

Isaiah 11 and Isaiah 53, Devotion and an Abode

The New Heaven of Isaiah 65

Olam Ha-Ba, the World to Come

Why All Men Suffer, the Good and the Bad

Ezekiel “a spirit entered into me”

How G-d Came to Be

The Birth of the Person of the Spirit of G-d and How Angels are Created

The Twig, the True Line of King David

Moses and Joshua the Attendant

Moses and the Seventy Elders

Moses and the Angel

The Prophet Like Moses

The Prophet Like Moses and Edom

Elijah and the Roman Exile

Elijah and the Covenant

Elijah the HaMoshiach and the Third Temple for G-d’s Return

The Covenant of G-d’s Righteous Servant and G-d of Isaiah 53

What Has Not Been Told or Ever Heard

Through the Sin of My People

My Midrash of Isaiah 53; Suffering Servant Jesus Christ, Suffering Servant Israel or G-d’s Righteous Servant Keith Ellis McCarty (Elijah)

The Angel of the Covenant

The Sign of the Prophet

A New Song (Psalm) of God

The Cup of G-d’s Wrath

The Word of the L-rd and Elijah

Holy Spirit in Judaism

Messiah and the Spirit of G-d

Do Not Repent and be a Holy Seed (Isaiah 6 with Commentary)

The Man in Linen is Elijah

Resurrection of the Dead

Moses and the Punishment of Heavy Hands

A Day in the Life of G-d’s Righteous Servant of Isaiah 53

Elijah is Taken to Heaven (ll Kings, Chapter 2 with Commentary)

Utter Destruction

Stirring the Spirit of Armies

The Power of G-d in Creation

The Twelve Tribes of Israel Returned to Judah

Maimonides (Rambam) and His Laws Concerning Moshiach

The Ultimate Purpose of Creation is a New Heaven

“With Us Is G-d” Was for Judah Not Jesus

Prophecy to Return Measured by Lives (and the Curse of Jeconia, the Forefather of Jesus)

The Scripture Before Canonization in the New Testament and Today

The Offering of the Body of Jesus Christ

Divine Inspiration of Prophecy Fulfilled

The Soul Offering for Guilt of HaMoshiach; Cleansed, Purified and Sinless

My Servant the Branch is My Righteous Servant and a Priest of G-d Most High

David, the Anointed of G-d Shunned, Despised, Reviled, Shamed and Disgraced

The HaMoshiach, God’s Anointed King for a Time to Come

Vindication by Our G-d

No Man Ever Died for the Sins of the Jewish People; G-d Forgives by His Words

A Psalm of David (22)

Psalms 2 with the Commentary of G-d’s Anointed

G-d’s House of Prayer and His House in Heaven

Isaiah’s Heaven and Hell and the Day of the L-rd

Making One’s Self and Soul an Offering for Guilt to HaShem is Not a Ram or Lamb Sacrifice

Who can believe what we have heard? Upon whom has the arm of the L-rd been revealed?

A True Prophet Was In Their Midst

How David Became a Priest of God Most High like King Melchizedek

Jews For Judaism: Isaiah 53 Verse by Verse; with Commentary by G-d’s Righteous Servant of Isaiah 53 the Teacher of Righteousness Keith Ellis McCarty, Priest of the G-d of Israel

The Covenant of Sin Forgiveness For a Time to Come

Tovia Singer; Outreach Judaism; Commentary By G-d’s Righteous Servant Who Is Elijah the Teacher of Righteousness

Isaiah 53 Is Not The Jewish People As The Man Israel or Jesus (“My righteous servant” is a Gentile of the Tribe of Judah; in the beginning)

King David Shunned and Despised (Psalm 69) and G-d’s Righteous Servant Despised, Shunned By Men (Isaiah 53)

Index: Keith Ellis McCarty, Esquire ~ Theological Interpretive CommentaryIndex: Keith Ellis McCarty, Esquire ~ Theological Interpretive Commentary