The witnesses who say in truth it was our ills that he bore and our pains that he carried are suffering the sickness of not being righteous. I have suffered by the chastisement and punishment laid on me by the hand, words and power of G-d to make me suitable for His purpose (just as G-d does with Ezekiel).

A purpose that includes making the many righteous which includes the witnesses. Just as Ezekiel bore the punishment for the Houses of Israel and Judah it was only to prepare him to be a prophet to the Jewish people in exile. I offered to bear the guilt of those who are not righteous to make the many righteous by my knowledge through the teachings of G-d given to me during my punishment to prepare me to be a prophet.

The witnesses will regard me as diseased, stricken by God and afflicted because I have been throughout my life by the hand of G-d in order to fulfill this verse as the man familiar with disease and crushed with disease so that I would desire long life and offer myself for the guilt of many others to be made righteous by my knowledge and received an oppressive judgement of chastisement, bruising, crushing and punishment until suitable for G-d’s purpose.

This verse describes a man that G-d does not like. A sinner whose life is full of bad events, sickness and sorrows and a person with flawed features. I was born disfigured with no right breast with a smaller right shoulder and withered arm and G-d crushed me with cancer. Colon cancer that spread to my lungs and skin cancer.

53:5 He was violated because of our sins and crushed because of our iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon him and with his company, we were healed.

Jews for Judaism:

With the servant’s exaltation, the kings will finally realize that the ultimate goal toward which God was leading all of mankind was not the exaltation of the object of their own devotion, but that it was the exaltation of the object of Israel’s devotion that all of history was leading to. They will realize that much of what they considered Godly was directly opposing God’s plan. And they will realize that the servant’s activities were pleasing to God all along. They will recognize that any blessing that they merited was because of their association with the servant. The purification process that the servant had to undergo was more for the general benefit of mankind than for his own benefit.

The last phrase in this verse can also be translated as: “and with his wounds we were healed.” The point remains the same. With the exaltation of the servant the nations realize that the merit of the servant had protected them all along and the servant’s merit and righteousness was achieved through his suffering.

Keith Ellis McCarty, Esquire

52:13 Behold, My servant shall succeed; he will be exalted and become high and exceedingly lofty.

Jews for Judaism:

The success and exaltation of God’s servant is an event that the prophet sees as futuristic. The immediate context (52:7-12) tells us that this is part of the blessing that Israel will experience at the time of her restoration.


Isaiah 52/ 7-13 from reads “7How beautiful are the feet of the herald on the mountains, announcing peace, heralding good tidings, announcing salvation, saying to Zion, “Your God has manifested His kingdom.” 8The voice of your watchmen- they raised a voice, together they shall sing, for eye to eye they shall see when the Lord returns to Zion. 9Burst out in song, sing together, O ruins of Jerusalem, for the Lord has consoled his people; He has redeemed Jerusalem. 10The Lord has revealed His holy arm before the eyes of…

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