No man has ever died for the sins of another man. G-d has forgiven the Jewish people of their sins twice. And He did it in writing. The writing of Isaiah and the writing of Jeremiah. G-d forgave the sins of the Assyrian/Babylon exiles and He has forgiven the sins of the Roman exiles and dispersal by covenant.

A covenant for a time to come. A time when the people of Israel have returned to the lands of Abraham and the desert blooms again and Jerusalem is rebuilt and they are never to be overthrown or uprooted again.

The time to come of the covenant of G-d to forgive the sins of the Jewish people who are the Roman exiles and dispersal of the world is here.

I am Elijah the messenger. And with me is the angel of that covenant. The angel of the Presence of G-d. And with us is His Presence of the person of the Holy G-d to fulfill His prophecy written by His prophet Malachi in Chapter 3:

“1Behold, I am sending My messenger [Elijah] to clear the way before Me, and the Lord whom you seek shall come to His Temple suddenly. As for the angel [angel of His Presence] of the covenant that you desire, he is already coming. 2But who can endure the day of his coming, and who can hold out when he appears? For he is like a smelter’s fire and like fuller’s lye [G-d}

Keith Ellis McCarty, Esquire

From the Jewish Virtual Library on the subject of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Teacher of Righteousness. (edited).

The Teacher of Righteousness is a figure found in some of the Dead Sea Scrolls at Qumran, most prominently in the Damascus Document. This document speaks briefly of the origins of the sect, probably Essenes, 390 years after the Babylonian exile.

The Scrolls appear to be the library of a Jewish sect. The library was hidden away in caves around the outbreak of the First Jewish Revolt (A.D. 66-70) as the Roman army advanced against the rebel Jews.

The Dead Sea Sect or Qumran Community refers to a Jewish community which lived in the Second Temple period and which adopted a strict and separatist way of life. It is so called because the main source of knowledge about it derives from the discovery of a settlement at Khirbat Qumran, near the northwest…

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