For they persecute those You have struck: They, the haters and naysayers and enemies and those who ignore David and shame him and all those who believe in their talk and words and opinions about David persecute him for being anointed by G-d. Most, if not all do not believe G-d spoke to Samuel in his anointment of David. David feels as though G-d’s anointment of him has been a physical blow to his life and feelings. “Those” would include others that had been anointed or selected by G-d as his prophets whose words are rarely believed and heeded as the words of G-d and go through the same ordeal as David.

The scroll of remembrance is about a special place in the heart of G-d for those who revere the L-rd and esteem His name on the day of the L-rd that He is preparing. Not a specific day but the days of Elijah the Teacher of Righteousness of Isaiah 53 who G-d sends before him with the angel of the covenant of the forgiveness of the sins of the Jewish people to clear the way for His return.

Keith Ellis McCarty, Esquire

capture6-21-2017_73810_AMPsalm 69 (from English translation of the entire Tanach with Rashi’s commentary. This Tanakh translation has been completely revised with a modern translation of the Hebrew of the Jewish Bible to English begun in 1955 and copyrighted in 1985 by the Jewish Publication Society. I have used the JPS Tanakh for the verses without changing the commentary of Rashi. There are minor differences in the words he comments on in some of the verses).

1For the leader. On shoshannim. Of David.


on shoshannim: Concerning Israel, who are like a rose (שושנה) among the thorns, pricked by the thorns, and he prayed for them.

Keith: No commentary.

2Deliver me, O God,
for the waters have reached my neck;


for water has come up: the nations.

Keith: No commentary.

3I am sinking into the slimy deep
and find no foothold;
I have come into the watery depths;
the flood…

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