Just like Ezekiel who was not recognized as a prophet of G-d by his audience and utter destruction came to Jerusalem it will be the same for Elijah who must reconcile the Jewish people to Judaism. The shepherds have to recognize Elijah from these writings for this not to happen. Writings given to him by G-d word by word so that His purpose will prosper.

And the reason for this scroll of remembrance has been told to me. It is not that G-d has a quota of how many of the Jewish people turn back to Him through the practice of Judaism or He will bring utter destruction to the land.

It is because the Jewish people in Israel have to believe in Elijah and the teachings of these writings for the Temple to be rebuilt. Rebuilding the Temple will cause destruction. Just not utter destruction that will come from the nations. It always does.

But if the nations see and hear of the last prophet of G-d and he is fulfilling the prophecies of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Malachi and he is the reason the Temple is rebuilt the repeating story of destruction and exile will be stopped. The Jewish people will never be overthrown or uprooted again.

And the nations will know that G-d dwells with His people again.

Keith Ellis McCarty, Esquire

Ezekiel 33/30-33, With Commentary by Rashi from Chabad.org.

30And you, son of man, the members of your people who talk about you beside the walls and in the entrances of the houses, and one talks to the other, one to his brother, saying, “Come now and listen to what the word is that is coming forth from before the Lord.”

who talk about you: who mock you.

31And they will come to you as a public gathering, and they will sit before you as My people, and they will hear your words but not fulfill them; instead they make them into jokes with their mouth; their heart goes after their gain.

and they will sit before you as My people: as if they were My people.

jokes: [Heb. עֲגָבִים,] laughter, related to עוּגָב, a flute.

their gain: their stolen goods.

32And you are to them as a song on the…

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