G-d is quite pleased with creation. It is perfect for creating a heaven of angelic human spirit persons. A new heaven by the addition of a new host of angels. The angels Israel.

G-d decided to create a new kind of angel and a great host of them. One where He does not create their personalities but angelic persons who are formed as persons by their own actions and self will. Unlike angels we are put through a battleground of choices with our own self will that molds and shapes us as persons.

Angels do not have self will or a battleground of choices to make. Their persons are created and formed by G-d.

G-d knew in the beginning that all men would suffer. The good and the bad. It is what makes our personalities suitable for His purpose of creating a new host of angels.

Why All Men Suffer, the Good and the Bad https://keithmccartymccarty.wordpress.com/2017/05/05/why-all-men-suffer-the-good-and-the-bad/

Keith Ellis McCarty, Esquire


From: Elie Wiesel’s Wrenching Lost Version of ‘Night’ Was Scathing Indictment of God and Fellow Jews at forward.com (edited).

And then: “I stopped praying and didn’t speak about God. I was angry at him. I told myself, ‘He does not deserve us praying to him.’ And, really, does he hear prayers? … Why sanctify him? For what? For the suffering he rains on our heads? For Auschwitz and Birkenau? … This time we will not stand as the accused in court before the divine judge. This time we are the judges and he the accused. We are ready. There are a huge number of documents in our indictment file. They are living documents that will shake the foundations of justice.”

Who is this man who wants to settle accounts with God and shake faith to its very roots? The author’s name appears at the top of the first page: Eliezer…

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