In Isaiah 53 HaShem describes His righteous servant whom He crushes so that His servant will make himself an offering for guilt in return for long life to serve G-d’s purpose which the servant enjoys through his devotion to G-d.

The cup of the wrath of G-d did not pass to the tormentors of the Jewish people in the life of Jesus who said he was the man described in Isaiah 53. After the death of Jesus came the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple by Rome, the dispersal of the Jewish people throughout the world, Christianity, Mohammad and Islam, the Spanish Inquisition, numerous pogroms and the Holocaust.

The Jewish people have returned to the land of Israel from the Roman dispersal and by their toil have made the desolate land bloom as G-d said it would in the time of the redemption.

The L-rd’s righteous servant has arrived as the teacher of righteousness. Elijah has arrived with the covenant of sin forgiveness. The prophet like Moses has arrived writing the words of the L-rd. The son of David has arrived to fight battles. And they are all one person. The man described in Isaiah 53. Keith Ellis McCarty.

I offered myself for guilt to G-d in return for long life to serve His purpose. He has refined me through the affliction of punishment by His very hand, His power, and by chastisement, His very words and voice.

The cup of G-d’s reeling and wrath has passed to the tormentors of the Jewish people. Those who told the Jewish people to get down on the ground and walked over them G-d now trods over. Christianity.

I am a host of the L-rd of Hosts. Unlike all other human beings who are self contained vessels of spirit His spirit now flows through me. My communication with G-d and the person of the spirit of the Holy G-d is instant and constant.

The Presence of G-d and the person of His spirit who is the angel of His Presence are always with me. Always.

And Jesus was not the man described in Isaiah 53.

Keith Ellis McCarty, Esquire


6The Lord has a sword; it is sated with blood, It is gorged with fat— The blood of lambs and he-goats, The kidney fat of rams. For the Lord holds a sacrifice in Bozrah, A great slaughter in the land of Edom.

8For it is the Lord’s day of retribution, The year of vindication for Zion’s cause.    Isaiah 34/6 and 8 Tanakh JPS 1985.

In the Bible Edom is described as the eternal enemy of Israel (and Judah, Amos 1:11; Ezek. 35:5) who not only always oppressed Israel, but at the time of the destruction of the First Temple took advantage of the situation and seized control of parts of Judah (Ezek. 25:12; 35:5, 10, 2; Obad. 11–16), and it is hinted that Edom also took part in the destruction of Jerusalem (Ps. 137:7; Obad. 11) and even in that of the Temple itself (Obad. 16). At the end of…

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