The spirit that was drawn from Moses and put upon the seventy elders is not the spirit that was born in Moses and was Moses. The same spirit that is in all men.

What was drawn from Moses was the spirit of G-d and the spirit of G-d is a person. The first person created by G-d.

The seventy elders had become temporary hosts of the L-rd of Hosts who is in the person of His spirit as My Name was in the angel who went before the Israelites in the exodus.

When each heard the angelic voice of the spirit of G-d speak to them (within them or without them) they became very excited and were saying all kinds of different things depending on what the person of the spirit of G-d was saying to them.

Keith Ellis McCarty, Esquire

f58f31d3-87d9-4f7f-91bc-82d8e5b548ca16Then the Lord said to Moses, “Gather for Me seventy of Israel’s elders of whom you have experience as elders and officers of the people, and bring them to the Tent of Meeting and let them take their place there with you. 17I will come down and speak with you there, and I will draw upon the spirit that is on you and put it upon them; they shall share the burden of the people with you, and you shall not bear it alone.     Numbers 11/16-17 Tanakh JPS 1985.

24Moses went out and reported the words of the Lord to the people. He gathered seventy of the people’s elders and stationed them around the Tent. 25Then the Lord came down in a cloud and spoke to him; He drew upon the spirit that was on him and put it upon the seventy elders. And when the…

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