G-d’s Presence never leaves me. He has been teaching me the scripture and mysteries of heaven for ten years as He chastises, bruises, crushes and punishes me to make me suitable for His purpose.

Long ago G-d told me a simple story to explain the impossible. How did He come to be?

Before all things and material of mass we believe came from a “big bang” He was. He told me He willed himself into being with the words “I am”, and so He was. He had self. And then He said “that I am”, and He was a person. And in the same words depending on the translation of the Hebrew He said “I am what I will be” and that is G-d.

And He was all alone. So then He created spirit and a special soul and from that spirit and special soul He made His constant companion the angel of His Presence, the person of the spirit of the Holy G-d, sometimes called the Holy Spirit.

The angel of His Presence is the only person in creation who can understand the thoughts and knowledge of G-d.

Keith Ellis McCarty, Esquire


“but God’s wisdom is infinite and unsearchable (Isa. 40:28). He is also the omnipresent God (Ps. 139:7–12), but not as numen, mana, or orenda. Pantheism is likewise negated. He transcends the world of nature, for it is He who brought the world into being, established its laws, and gave it its order (Jer. 33:25). He is outside of time as well as space; He is eternal. Everything must perish; He alone preceded the universe and will outlive it (Isa. 40:6–8; 44:6; Ps. 90:2). The ever-present God is also immutable; in a world of flux He alone does not change (Isa. 41:4; Mal. 3:6). He is the rock of all existence (II Sam. 22:32).”

Judaism: God; from the Jewishvirtuallibrary.org (excerpt).

G-d is Incorporeal

Although many places in scripture and Talmud speak of various parts of G-d’s body (the Hand of G-d, G-d’s wings, etc.) or speak of G-d in anthropomorphic terms…

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