1“Who can believe what we have heard?
Upon whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?     Isaiah 53/1 Tanakh JPS 1985.


3He was despised, shunned by men,
A man of suffering, familiar with disease.
As one who hid his face from us,
He was despised, we held him of no account.     Isaiah 53/3 Tanakh JPS 1985.



This verse fits me today. And there will be many more who despise, shun and hold me of no account simply for declaring this truth: “I am the Lord’s righteous servant described in Isaiah 53.”

In three years of these writings as G-d’s righteous servant of Isaiah 53 written at His command, control and direction I have not received one positive Jewish response. I have been removed from Jewish Facebook groups for posting them with as hateful of remarks as you can find anywhere.

Publishers will not respond to book submissions of these writings. The reason is not in the writings but the testimony of who I am. I am Elijah, the HaMoshiach and the prophet like Moses who G-d calls “My righteous servant” in Isaiah 53.

There is no other way to present it which is why Isaiah 53/1 begins with the witnesses statement “Who can believe what we have heard?”

It is hard to believe. More so if you do not read the writings or have a good background in the Jewish Bible and the Mishneh Torah. Chapters Eleven and Twelve conclude the final section (Hilchos Melachim – “The Laws Concerning Kings”) of the final book (Sefer Shoftim – “The Book of Judges”) of the Mishneh Torah, and are sometimes referred to separately as Hilchos Melech HaMoshiach – “The Laws Concerning King Moshiach.”

In Chapter Twelve Maimonides says “Some of the Sages say that Eliyahu will appear [immediately] before the coming of Moshiach. All these and similar matters cannot be [clearly] known by man until they occur, for they are undefined in the words of the prophets. Even the Sages have no established tradition regarding these matters, beyond what is implied by the verses; hence there is a divergence of opinion among them. In any case, neither the sequence of these events nor their precise details are among the fundamental principles of the faith. One should not occupy himself at length with the aggadot and midrashim that deal with these and similar matters, nor should he deem them of prime importance, for they bring one to neither the awe nor the love [of G-d].”

Rambam is correct that these matters cannot be [clearly] known by man until they occur. And Rambam had no idea how cleverly G-d set up the writings of the prophets to make His righteous servant known through his interpretations and commentary on the Jewish Bible. Interpretations given to me word for word by G-d just as He gave the Torah to Moses. Clever and full of multi-purposes.

The proper interpretation of the prophets and the Jewish Bible when G-d is doing the interpreting through His prophet shows that there is no room for another Testament or any man outside of the Jewish Bible such as Jesus or Mohammad. The last prophet of G-d is Elijah. The Jewish people are to welcome Elijah who G-d uses as He used Moses and David. For redemption, leadership and the practice of Judaism in the Jewish families.

Elijah is specifically said to have been taken up to Heaven by G-d and said to return to clear the way for the L-rd. All of the things that Elijah could know of the new Heaven that G-d is creating have been taught to me by vision and experience in the words and power of G-d.

And all of this is for G-d’s return to His Holy Mount Zion to dwell upon the earth again in the promised land that He leased to Abraham and to have His Temple rebuilt. G-d knew before the Holocaust the people Israel would return to the promised land. Their return is in His prophecy. They were already there and working on Zionism in the late 1800’s. The time before last He opened the way for them with the gentile HaMoshiach Cyrus of Persia. They needed a little help and He forgave them of all their sins.

Love and forgiveness of past wrongs for G-d to return gracefully to Jerusalem welcomed by His Holy seed, His bride, His children the Jewish people. Yesterday and today. The L-rd does not change. He is a King to be welcomed with thankfulness and praise.

And He comes from the Christian world (Edom) without an Israelite (with a gentile HaMoshiach again) with vindication against those to whom His cup of wrath has been passed. The gentiles who have treated His chosen ones so horribly in the nations. Nothing so wounded G-d as the Holocaust did.

The day of the L-rd began when I was born. He and His spirit and the person of His spirit have been with me from the womb. They did not reveal themselves to me until 2007 but they have shown me in many visions and teachings how they were always there. Their presence with me ensured a testimony of a life of suffering and sorrows and disease and now chastisement and punishment from an oppressive judgement I agreed to be guilty of by offering myself and soul for guilt. The guilt of my own and the guilt of others.

With this judgement G-d cut me off from the world of material things. I was an oil and gas attorney that cancer had laid very low and I eagerly accepted G-d’s offer of long life and to have my soul cleansed and purified of all sin by His words and power by offering myself for guilt. A very long, tedious and painful process.

“Who can believe what we have heard? Upon whom has the arm of the L-rd been revealed?” These writings reveal that the L-rd is with me and His arm of redemption is upon me. The redemption of the Jewish people begins with recognizing that I am Elijah, the HaMoshiach.

The redemption that comes with sin forgiveness and the very best vindication of the L-rd imaginable. There is only one last prophet of G-d in the prophecy of the Jewish Bible and he is not Jesus or Mohammad. He is Elijah. And I can deliver that message as no other man can. In the power and words of G-d and the interpretations by G-d of His prophecy.

The prophecy of Isaiah 53/3 has been fulfilled: “He was despised, shunned by men, A man of suffering, familiar with disease. As one who hid his face from us, He was despised, we held him of no account.”

To move forward so that the purpose of G-d will prosper will require witnesses who can explain to a publisher that they believe the things written in these writings are true. It is hard to believe from me and the writings have to be studied and considered closely by people learned in the Jewish Bible. I clear the way for G-d. I need someone to clear the way for me to a publisher as part of my tasks.

Or, I will find another way. With these writings I will find many witnesses for G-d’s scroll of remembrance as time goes on.

That way I can move to Jerusalem. I am the visible representation of where His Presence of the person of the Holy G-d and the person of His spirit are on this earth. He and His spirit never leave me.

And G-d wants to be in Jerusalem.