“See, a time is coming” for the covenant of sin forgiveness is when Jerusalem has been rebuilt after its destruction. It is not Jerusalem rebuilt for the second Temple because Israel was uprooted and overthrown again.

They come together. When Jerusalem has been rebuilt as it is now the covenant of sin forgiveness comes with it. That is the “when” of a time is coming. And that is Jerusalem today. It is Jerusalem for the third Temple that G-d will return to suddenly as He declares in Malachi 3 (In the days of Jesus and John the Baptist G-d was in His Temple so John could not be Elijah).

Which is why Elijah is here. The angel of His Presence who is the angel of the covenant for a time to come has arrived. G-d is here. His very Presence on earth for the day of the L-rd.

And after the awesome, fearful day of the L-rd the Jewish people will never be overthrown and uprooted again.

And I write this commentary as HaMoshiach, the descendant of David through Solomon upon whom the spirit of the Holy G-d alighted upon in fulfillment of Isaiah 11/1-2 and as G-d’s righteous servant described in Isaiah 53 whose purpose might prosper and makes the many righteous and as Elijah of Malachi 3 whose purpose might prosper and makes the many righteous and as the prophet like Moses who writes the words of G-d conversing with Him throughout the process of preparing these commentaries as one friend speaks to another friend and as a man with divine beings who are the person of the spirit of the Holy G-d and His Presence of the person of the Holy G-d who directs and controls everything I do and say as a host of the L-rd of Hosts.

Not as a Sage.

Keith Ellis McCarty, Esquire

16For whoever blesses himself in the land
Shall bless himself by the true God;
And whoever swears in the land
Shall swear by the true God.
The former troubles shall be forgotten,
Shall be hidden from My eyes.

17For behold! I am creating
A new heaven and a new earth;
The former things shall not be remembered,
They shall never come to mind.

18Be glad, then, and rejoice forever
In what I am creating.
For I shall create Jerusalem as a joy,
And her people as a delight;

19And I will rejoice in Jerusalem
And delight in her people.
Never again shall be heard there
The sounds of weeping and wailing.

20No more shall there be an infant or graybeard
Who does not live out his days.
He who dies at a hundred years
Shall be reckoned a youth,
And he who fails to reach a hundred
Shall be reckoned…

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