This phrase “He sacrificed these people on the alters of ovens and kept their hides as his portion” seems to be a reference to Isaiah 53/12 “Assuredly, I will give him the many as his portion,….”

Rabbi Singer is saying that Hitler made a guilt offering of six million Jewish people who are ram guilt offerings to G-d and received as his portion human hides of the Jewish people from G-d. That Hitler is the man described in Isaiah 53.

His interpretation is that Isaiah 53 describes the suffering servant Israel who have never offered themselves for guilt to G-d and his explanation that the offering is done for them by Hitler making guilt offerings of them in altars of ovens is his best answer for a verse that does not fit his interpretation. The Christians also do this in different ways.

You cannot change the laws of G-d. G-d created an animal sacrificial system of laws for many purposes for a primitive people and commanded the Jewish people not to sacrifice their children through His prophet. G-d never says these laws are to be applied to humans.

Rabbi Singer sums up his interpretation and commentary on Isaiah 53/10 with “So after the atrocities of WWII the L-RD’S purpose has prospered because the land that was sworn to us is once again being inhabited by its rightful owners and is awaiting the final ingathering.”

Isaiah 53/10 says that if the man described offers himself for guilt “He might see offspring and have long life, And that through him the Lord’s purpose might prosper.”

Rabbi Singer’s interpretation is that six million murdered victims of the Holocaust were made animal ram guilt offerings under the animal sacrificial laws of G-d and that through their deaths a purpose of G-d has prospered.

That G-d had Hitler offer G-d’s children as human animal sacrifices to Him for the purpose of Israel returning to the promised land.

And the Christians believe G-d offered His son as a human animal sacrifice for the purpose of forgiving their sins and saving them to Heaven.

The purpose of G-d for the man who makes the many righteous with long life is found in Malachi 3.

Keith Ellis McCarty, Esquire

From: “MY Midrash” written by Rabbi Tovia Singer and posted on his Facebook page. (excerpt of 53/10).

“53:10 “HaShem desired to oppress him and He afflicted him; if his soul would acknowledge guilt, he would see offspring and live long days and the desire of HaShem would succeed in his hand.”

53:10 “But the LORD chose to crush him by disease, that, if he made himself an offering for guilt, he might see offspring and have long life, and that through him the LORD’S purpose might prosper.” (JPS)

Not only are we stuck with the same G-d punish G-d situation here as we were before but this one is even more perplexing. Yeshua was supposed to be the sinless, unblemished lamb that died for your sins on the cross and yet it states right here that if he would have acknowledged his guilt, he would see offspring and live long…

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