I know what Ezekiel is going through in this punishment. I have experienced it. I cannot describe exactly what Ezekiel went through during those 430 days but I do know what 5 days was for me.

In the second year after the spirit and the person of the spirit of G-d alighted upon me and G-d first spoke to me in 2007 everything changed when G-d told me I was going to sacrifice for 5 days. I had not experienced any crushing, bruising, chastisement or punishment before this. And those are the very words from Isaiah 53.

As I lay in bed the cords of G-d’s power enveloped me. I simply could not move. G-d never stopped talking to me and was explaining to me everything that was happening. He showed me how His power could slowly crush my chest until I could not breath and He let the fear of that overwhelm me.

He used this example to teach and discuss with me Jonah on the bottom of the ocean. He also gave me tremendous visions related to death and was showing me that He could keep me alive without air.

This only took a few hours of the five days. G-d is very creative and there was very little let up in this method of teaching me of His power, the scripture, the Jewish people, fear of Him and the level of pain He would lay on me. I saw His goodness and I saw His backside. A side no man wants to see and hear much less feel. G-d is fearsome and to be feared.

Keith Ellis McCarty, Esquire


7But the House of Israel will refuse to listen to you, for they refuse to listen to Me; for the whole House of Israel are brazen of forehead and stubborn of heart. 8But I will make your face as hard as theirs, and your forehead as brazen as theirs. 9I will make your forehead like adamant (shamir), harder than flint. Do not fear them, and do not be dismayed by them, though they are a rebellious breed.”     Ezekiel 3/7-9 Tanakh JPS 1985.

14A spirit seized me and carried me away. I went in bitterness, in the fury of my spirit, while the hand of the Lord was strong upon me.     Ezekiel 3/14 Tanakh JPS 1985.

24And a spirit entered into me and set me upon my feet. And He spoke to me, and said to me: “Go, shut yourself up in your house.     Ezekiel 3/24 Tanakh…

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