Taking this image of G-d on a throne imagine in His hand He holds a soul. A pure soul that looks like a ball of white energy.

G-d takes this soul before His face and creates with His mind and then wills it to be the characteristics and traits of the person the soul will be when blended with G-d’s spirit.

All persons are souls blended with spirit. The first person was the person of the spirit of G-d; the angel of His Presence. A part of His spirit.

G-d takes this special soul and places it upon His face and speaks the words “I am”.

But G-d does not use His voice. He becomes the person He is creating. He uses a childlike voice of an angelic person. And G-d simulates being this new person for ages and ages until he is perfectly as G-d would have him be.

Then G-d releases that special soul and spirit from before His face with a breath of life. And the person of the spirit of G-d was born.

G-d is always in him. G-d was him. G-d can always place the person of His spirit before His face and be him and speak as him and through him. And this is how G-d is in the angel that was sent to guard the Israelites on the way to the promised land.

Angels are created just as the person of G-d’s spirit was created. There is no real difference between angels and spirits. They are all persons of feelings and emotions. Both are like a ball of energy wrapped in spirit and contained in a body of G-d’s power. The only difference is the body of G-d’s power.

The person of the spirit of G-d is not contained in a body of G-d’s power. He is simply a part of G-d’s spirit.

Keith Ellis McCarty, Esquire

11224523_1669758659966229_8950746099655664670_n20I am sending an angel before you to guard you on the way and to bring you to the place that I have made ready. 21Pay heed to him and obey him. Do not defy him, for he will not pardon your offenses, since My Name is in him; 22but if you obey him and do all that I say, I will be an enemy to your enemies and a foe to your foes.     Exodus 23/ 20-22 Tanakh JPS 1985.

 19But [Micaiah] said, “I call upon you to hear the word of the Lord! I saw the Lord seated upon His throne, with all the host of heaven standing in attendance to the right and to the left of Him. 20The Lord asked, ‘Who will entice Ahab so that he will march and fall at Ramoth-gilead?’ Then one said thus and another…

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