1For the leader; on ayyeleth ha-shahar. A psalm of David.

ayyeleth ha-shahar: The earliest part of the dawn before the light. An instrument played in the Temple.


2My God, my God,
why have You abandoned me;
why so far from delivering me
and from my anguished roaring?

why so far from delivering me and from my anguished roaring: In the stories of David there are many times he would have said the words of this song. When he was fleeing from Saul and his men and hiding in the desert, fighting the Philistines and his exile in Philistine lands with Akish as his master.


3My God,
I cry by day—You answer not;
by night, and have no respite.

4But You are the Holy One,
the Praise of Israel.

5In You our fathers trusted;
they trusted, and You rescued them.

6To You they cried out
and they escaped;
in You they trusted
and were not disappointed.

in You they trusted and were not disappointed: This is a reference to the Exodus from Egypt. G-d rescued the Israelites from bondage in Egypt using Moses as His spokesman. G-d was constantly with Him controlling the words and actions of Moses. The miracles G-d performed using Moses as His visible presence had far more to do with knowledge of G-d in creation than it did in freeing the Hebrews.


7But I am a worm, less than human;
scorned by men, despised by people.

8All who see me mock me;
they curl (“open”) their lips,
they shake their heads.

9“Let him commit himself to the Lord;
let Him rescue him,
let Him save him,
for He is pleased with him.”

let Him save him, for He is pleased with him: Those who scorn David will not help him. David was born in sin the iniquity of having a mother who was not of the tribes of Israel and he does not have the support of anyone that believe he is G-d’s anointed King. Even his family who were present when Samuel anointed David according to the words of the L-rd to Samuel. Words only Samuel could hear. They are the haters and naysayers and enemies of David who ignore David and shame him for his being “said to be” anointed by G-d. Most, if not all do not believe G-d spoke to Samuel in his anointment of David and that David is not G-d’s anointed King.

They mockingly say if David is really G-d’s anointed King let G-d save him from his troubles. They do not know that G-d works through men and expects them to save David. G-d does not use a magic wand in creation. He moves through men. More often than not they disappoint Him. If G-d used His power and not men in the natural order of humanity and creation all of His prophets and anointed men would have been heeded and obeyed. That has never been the case.

Creation is for G-d first and man second. Always. It is exactly and perfectly what He wanted it to be. Using His power to make others believe David is His anointed King would never happen. G-d does not change the will of men in His power except with His prophets and anointed and then it is in conjunction with chastisement and punishment. They know the reasons for their suffering.

G-d always lets men show who they are even though He already knows who will “surprise” Him and who will “disappoint” Him. G-d loves a testimony for others to see. He has absolute knowledge of all things and already knows what each man will and will not do.

It is nothing for G-d to change men and the world if He so chooses. The challenge for G-d is to take a man and through him achieve His purpose. And His purpose in all that He does is always multiple. It is the scripture itself that is the sword G-d has His anointed and prophets use against their enemies. G-d’s power and control of creation is through His words written in the Jewish Bible. His prophecy and His commands are written with more purposes than man can conceive. And they are written at His direction with more creativity than can be imagined.


10You drew me from the womb,
made me secure at my mother’s breast.

11I became Your charge at birth;
from my mother’s womb You have been my God.

12Do not be far from me,
for trouble is near,
and there is none to help.

13Many bulls surround me,
mighty ones of Bashan encircle me.

14They open their mouths at me
like tearing, roaring lions.

They open their mouths at me like tearing, roaring lions: The enemy before David seem to him to be best described as great bulls with mouths like lions; large strong men with a temper looking for battle or a fight with knives and swords.


15My life ebbs away:
all my bones are disjointed;
my heart is like wax,
melting within me;

16my vigor dries up like a shard;
my tongue cleaves to my palate;
You commit me to the dust of death.

17Dogs surround me;
a pack of evil ones closes in on me,
like lions [they maul] my hands and feet.

Dogs surround me; a pack of evil ones closes in on me, like lions [they maul] my hands and feet: David has used bulls and lions to describe his enemy and now a pack of dogs. He is in a knife or sword fight and his hands and feet have been cut.


18I take the count of all my bones
while they look on and gloat.

I take the count of all my bones while they look on and gloat: David has lost weight and His enemies laugh at him for being so skinny. Or, they have thrown David to the ground and gloat while David checks for broken bones.


19They divide my clothes among themselves,
casting lots for my garments.

and cast lots for my raiment: This enemy is so certain of victory that they are casting lots to determine how they will divide the spoil of defeating David by means that normally would be considered random such as the rolling of dice, drawing straws or flipping coins. Or, victory is theirs and David is on the ground naked stripped of all of his clothes.


20But You, O Lord, be not far off;
my strength, hasten to my aid.

21Save my life from the sword,
my precious life from the clutches of a dog.

22Deliver me from a lion’s mouth;
from the horns of wild oxen rescue me.

23Then will I proclaim Your fame to my brethren,
praise You in the congregation.

24You who fear the Lord, praise Him!
All you offspring of Jacob, honor Him!
Be in dread of Him, all you offspring of Israel!

Be in dread of Him, all you offspring of Israel: To honor the L-rd is to be in dread of Him. G-d is not a human being. He is a living being beyond our comprehension to be feared. G-d will cast down many for a testimony to keep the few from going astray.

17Moses answered the people, “Be not afraid; for God has come only in order to test you, and in order that the fear of Him may be ever with you, so that you do not go astray.” 18So the people remained at a distance, while Moses approached the thick cloud where G-d was.     Exodus 20/17-18.


25For He did not scorn, He did not spurn
the plea of the lowly;
He did not hide His face from him;
when he cried out to Him, He listened.

26 Because of You I offer praise in the great congregation;
I pay my vows in the presence of His worshipers.

27Let the lowly eat and be satisfied;
let all who seek the Lord praise Him.
Always be of good cheer!

28Let all the ends of the earth pay heed and turn to the Lord,
and the peoples of all nations prostrate themselves before You;

29for kingship is the Lord’s
and He rules the nations.

30All those in full vigor shall eat and prostrate themselves;
all those at death’s door, whose spirits flag,
shall bend the knee before Him.

31Offspring shall serve Him;
the Lord’s fame shall be proclaimed to the generation.

32to come;
they shall tell of His beneficence
to people yet to be born,
for He has acted.