Isaiah Chapter 11

(Tanakh JPS 1985. The Tanakh completely revised with a modern translation of the Hebrew of the Jewish Bible to English begun in 1955 and copyrighted in 1985 by the Jewish Publication Society.)


1But a shoot shall grow out of the stump of Jesse,
A twig shall sprout from his stock.

the stump of Jesse, A twig shall sprout from his stock: Isaiah prophetically refers to the “stump” of Jesse (father of King David) as a prophetic announcement of the “Curse of Jeconia”, the cutting down and ending by declaration of G-d of the line of the Kings of Judah in the Books of Samuel and Kings, the branch of David forbidden to ever rule over Judah in Jerusalem again, the line set forth in the Book of Matthew of the New Testament, the line of Jesus. G-d’s anointed king will come from a line of King David through Solomon that was not banished.


2The spirit of the Lord shall alight upon him:
A spirit of wisdom and insight,
A spirit of counsel and valor,
A spirit of devotion and reverence for the Lord.

A spirit of wisdom and insight, A spirit of counsel:  These are attributes of Elijah in Malachi 3 as the messenger who arrives with the angel of the covenant of the forgiveness of the sins of the Jewish people that G-d declared for a time to come in Jeremiah 31. He has the wisdom and insight to reconcile the Jewish families one to the other with the teachings of G-d given to Moses at Horeb (Sinai). Teachings to make the many righteous.

A spirit of devotion and reverence for the Lord: These attributes of the spirit of G-d are upon G-d’s righteous servant of Isaiah 53/11. G-d says with regard to His purpose “He shall enjoy it to the full through his devotion. ‘My righteous servant makes the many righteous”. The HaMoshiach is G-d’s righteous servant and Elijah who make the many righteous.

The HaMoshiach counsels the Jewish people that their past sins are remembered no more and the need to return to Synagogue, the worship of G-d and performing good deeds with repentance and atonement for their wrongs. Many will be made righteous and heed and revere the name of G-d.

With the spirit of G-d is always the person of the spirit of the Holy G-d who is the angel of the Presence of G-d without form and is the angel of the covenant of sin forgiveness for the Jewish people. The very Presence of G-d alights upon the HaMoshiach with the person of His spirit. All three are together in the first verse of Malachi 3.

1Behold, I am sending My messenger [Elijah] to clear the way before Me, and the Lord whom you seek shall come to His Temple suddenly. As for the angel [angel of His Presence] of the covenant that you desire, he is already coming. 2But who can endure the day of his coming, and who can hold out when he appears? For he is like a smelter’s fire and like fuller’s lye [G-d}.”


3He shall sense the truth by his reverence for the Lord:
He shall not judge by what his eyes behold,
Nor decide by what his ears perceive.

He shall not judge by what his eyes behold, Nor decide by what his ears perceive: The HaMoshiach is with the person of G-d’s spirit and the Presence of G-d that have alighted upon him everywhere he goes and in everything that he does. G-d is in control of his actions and his words forming HaMoshiach’s perception of all matters, people and situations before him by His power and by His words. The opinions and decisions of the HaMoshiach are determined by G-d not by what he sees and hears.


4Thus he shall judge the poor with equity
And decide with justice for the lowly of the land.
He shall strike down a land with the rod of his mouth
And slay the wicked with the breath of his lips.

He shall strike down a land with the rod of his mouth: G-d controls HaMoshiach’s very words and can speak through him in those words changing them as they leave his mouth in His power just as G-d spoke through Ezekiel. G-d speaks through spirits, angels and men with His words spoken directly to them and by His power.

He will be a great speaker and orator and the world will hear that Judaism is the only true religion of Abraham. The enemies of the Jewish people of the lands of the middle-east will hear his words and feel as though they have been struck to the ground. The land of three religions of Abraham will be struck down (though they will  continue). And all those who threaten war in the land of Israel will be removed by his valor, counseling, wisdom and insights to the nations and devotion to G-d.


5Justice shall be the girdle of his loins,
And faithfulness the girdle of his waist.

Justice shall be the girdle of his loins, And faithfulness the girdle of his waist: Several scriptures in the Bible make use of the girdle (belt) as a symbol for readiness and preparation. Justice and the whole of morality is the authoritative command of God. The HaMoshiach in Isaiah 53 is prepared and made ready for the commands of G-d like a soldier with chastisement and punishment and with devotion, faithfulness and valor he teaches of the morality and justice of G-d. The HaMoshiach is the teacher of righteousness, morality, justice and faithfulness.


6The wolf shall dwell with the lamb,
The leopard lie down with the kid;
The calf, the beast of prey, and the fatling together,
With a little boy to herd them.

7The cow and the bear shall graze,
Their young shall lie down together;
And the lion, like the ox, shall eat straw.

8A babe shall play
Over a viper’s hole,
And an infant pass his hand
Over an adder’s den.

9In all of My sacred mount
Nothing evil or vile shall be done;
For the land shall be filled with devotion to the Lord
As water covers the sea.

10In that day,
The stock of Jesse that has remained standing
Shall become a standard to peoples—
Nations shall seek his counsel
And his abode shall be honored.

Nations shall seek his counsel: The description of the HaMoshiach who is G-d’s righteous servant in Isaiah 53 actually begins in Isaiah 52/14-15. In verse 15 “Just so he shall startle many nations. Kings shall be silenced because of him, For they shall see what has not been told them, Shall behold what they never have heard.”

Kings (Leaders of people) will be surprised at the report of witnesses that the HaMoshiach is G-d’s righteous servant of Isaiah 53, Elijah the messenger and the prophet like Moses. That He is the visible presence of G-d and the angel of His Presence who dwell with him. And that his interpretations of the scripture have never been seen or heard before as prophetically written by Isaiah.

Nevertheless, nations (gentiles) will seek the counsel of this servant of G-d who will have the wisdom of Solomon provided by G-d.

And his abode shall be honored:

His abode will be honored not a throne. There is no reference by Isaiah to a kingdom for this twig from the stump of Jesse. G-d’s righteous servant of Isaiah 53 is given a portion and spoil and dies a rich man and will have a famous place of residence. Where he dwells G-d and the person of G-d’s spirit dwell.


11In that day, My Lord will apply His hand again to redeeming the other part of His people from Assyria—as also from Egypt, Pathros, Nubia, Elam, Shinar, Hamath, and the coastlands.

12He will hold up a signal to the nations
And assemble the banished of Israel,
And gather the dispersed of Judah
From the four corners of the earth.

13Then Ephraim’s envy shall cease
And Judah’s harassment shall end;
Ephraim shall not envy Judah,
And Judah shall not harass Ephraim.

14They shall pounce on the back of Philistia to the west,
And together plunder the peoples of the east;
Edom and Moab shall be subject to them
And the children of Ammon shall obey them.

15The Lord will dry up the tongue of the Egyptian sea.—He will raise His hand over the Euphrates with the might of His wind and break it into seven wadis, so that it can be trodden dry-shod.

16Thus there shall be a highway for the other part of His people out of Assyria, such as there was for Israel when it left the land of Egypt.