3He was despised, shunned by men, A man of suffering, familiar with disease. As one who hid his face from us, He was despised, we held him of no account.       Isaiah 53/3 Tanakh JPS 1985



This verse fits me today. And there will be many more who despise, shun and hold me of no account simply for declaring this truth: I am the Lord’s righteous servant described in this chapter.

In three years of these writings I have not received one Jewish response to these writings. Publishers will not even respond.

Isaiah 53/3 fulfilled.



To bschwartz@jps.org
Mar 15 at 10:28 PM

Dear Rabbi:

I have written over 100 pieces over three years that turns the interpretations of the Sages and Rabbi’s today upside down regarding HaMoshiach, Elijah, the righteous servant of Isaiah 53 and the prophet like Moses.

And there is a reason for that. It is HaShem’s way of saying there can be only one answer to the novelty of these writings. They are a sign He prepared for Elijah to be known. A sign that the words spoken are true.

As an example there are no writings on the angel of the covenant who comes with Elijah. There is only one covenant it can be. The covenant of the forgiveness of the sins of the Jewish people G-d declared in Jeremiah 31 for a time to come.

And I have explained Isaiah 53 verse by verse as no other person has before me and shown how it is linked to Ezekiel and Malachi 3. How there is no vicarious suffering for the sins of others. And that answer is in Ezekiel 3 and 4 who is put through the same ordeal as the man described in Isaiah 53 and for the same reasons.

Isaiah 53 is not Jesus or the suffering servant Israel. It is Elijah. And he is G-d’s anointed kIng. HaMoshiach. He is the man that the spirit of G-d alights upon in Isaiah 11/2. The twig of the stump of Jesse. And that is linked to Isaiah 53.

HaShem verbally dictates to me all of these writings. He tells me the sources to use. What to copy and paste. Complete and total control of the entire process including the titles. They are His not mine. If you study them you will be amazed. And of course HaShem can make them into a wonderful book. One to help reconcile the sons to the fathers and the fathers to the sons.

This all had to happen one day if you are a true believer of G-d’s redemption of the Jewish people. And it begins with the sin forgiveness of the Jewish people who heed and revere HaShem that comes with Elijah and the angel of the covenant and to build the Third Temple for Him to return to quickly. The first sin forgiveness of the Jewish people was in Isaiah for the Babylon exiles to build the second Temple.

When G-d wants to forgive His chosen people He has His prophets write it and speak it in His name. But the prophet must be believed and recognized. That is why Elijah is described in Isaiah 53. And G-d calls him “My righteous servant”.

And I know all these things by personal knowledge and experience. Ten years now. Take a few minutes a day reading the pieces which are my basis for a book manuscript at Keithmccartymccarty.wordpress.com. or those which seem interesting to you.

Upon request I can put a selection together into a PDF file that covers the most important elements of the writings. I have attached three of the writings that cover the above material more comprehensively with all biblical passages set forth above the commentary.

P.S. If this is just to much to take in and believe (which is written into Isaiah 53 as shunned and despised) maybe you could share it with others for them to consider this truth: G-d is going to do what He said on the last page of the Tanakh. And that time is here.

Keith Ellis McCarty
6308 Briar Rose Ln
Houston, Texas 77057

JPS Attachment .rtf

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The Gospel According to Isaiah 53, Encountering the Suffering Servant in Jewish and Christian Theology, Chapter 2 JEWISH INTERPRETATIONS OF ISAIAH 53 by Michael L. Brown with Commentary by the Righteous Servant of Isaiah 53 https://keithmccartymccarty.wordpress.com/2017/01/05/the-gospel-according-to-isaiah-53-encountering-the-suffering-servant-in-jewish-and-christian-theology-chapter-2-jewish-interpretations-of-isaiah-53-by-michael-l-brown-with-commentary-by-the-righteo/