An E-Mail I sent to Rabbi Tovia Singer at his internet site “Lets Get Biblical” over two years ago:

“Dear Rabbi Singer.  This is from your Facebook Page:

“MY Midrash” Isaiah 53 Jesus or Israel?

April 11, 2011 at 1:33am

This is the first edition of “My Midrash” so I figured I would make it a good one. We’ll start with two stories…..I encourage any and all feedback. If you would like to debate anything that has been presented here, we can do it publicly or through private messages. If you have any ideas for future pieces, I more than welcome your input. Thank you for reading and may the G-d of Israel guide you home. And please don’t forget to share it =)

If you will read the four pieces I have written at, you will see that I am not a Christian.  My focus is showing Christians your message.  I am a gentile (I think) and for now I am following the way of Naomi in the Book of Ruth.  Our friendly debate on the issues we have on Isaiah 52, Verse 14 and 15, and Chapter 53, and my view that the spirit of God is a person but not part of a Trinity God Head, would be fresh and invigorating to the clash between Judaism and Christianity.

Any comments would be appreciated.”


Tovia Singer never responded to this E-Mail and another I sent along the same lines.


I find this to be the most offensive of his interpretation of Isaiah 53:

The offering of guilt in this verse is actually literally translated as guilt-offering. The significance between the guilt-offering and the Holocaust is so astounding, even as grotesque of a thought as it was, I could not over look it. A guilt-offering is defined in Leviticus chapter 7 and goes something like this. The guilt-offering is a fire-offering in which all the parts are to go up in smoke and the hide belongs to the one making the offering. I mentioned before that during the Holocaust Hitler not only burned Jews in the ovens of Auschwitz but he also used their skins as lamp shades and their hair as stuffing for pillows. He sacrificed these people on the alters of ovens and kept their hides as his portion but not until he worked and starved them to death. So after the atrocities of WWII the L-RD’S purpose has prospered because the land that was sworn to us is once again being inhabited by its rightful owners and is awaiting the final ingathering.”


This is the entirety of “My Midrash” Isaiah 53 Jesus or Israel? by Tovia Singer:

“MY Midrash” Isaiah 53 Jesus or Israel?

April 11, 2011 at 1:33am

This is the first edition of “My Midrash” so I figured I would make it a good one. We’ll start with two stories. One is concrete historical fact and the other may or may not be true because the only account can be found in the Christian bible. We will just assume for arguments sake, that the historical account found in the Christian bible is accurate.  The first story will be about Jesus(Yeshua or actually Joshua in English not Jesus or Iesous)life and the circumstances surrounding his death and the second story will be about the Holocaust and the undeniable horrors that took place in the concentration camp era. The focus will remain on the parts of the events that pertain to how they fit into the “suffering servant” in Isaiah chapter 53. Details in both stories will obviously be omitted to keep this as clear and concise as possible but only things that have no bearing on the topic being addressed.

Yeshua was a very charismatic man that won the hearts of many poor and depressed people in his day. He preached about hope and love of both G-d and his fellow man. According to the Christian gospels, he was a fisherman and son of a carpenter who fed starving people and beloved by his followers. As Yeshua tells it, the “end of days” was right around the corner and he urged people to repent of their wickedness so they would be spared from G-d’s wrath. Although there are many accounts of him healing sick people, there is not a single account of where he himself was sick, ever. In fact, the only suffering he ever endured was on the day he died. He was tried and beaten on the eve of Pesach (according to John) and on the first day of Pesach (according to Matthew, Mark, & Luke) but we’ll just let that little contradiction slide for arguments sake. No matter what day they want to say he was actually killed, the fact remains that his actual punishment started in the morning (approximately the sixth hour on the eve of Pesach or the first day of Pesach depending on which account you go by) and he died on the cross before sundown so he could be buried before the start of Shabbat. It seems like a very busy day, a trial, a beating, and carrying a cross to where he would utter his final words before eventually giving in to death.  Then he was hung on a cross next to two thieves and then buried in a rich man’s tomb that belonged to Joseph of Arimathea. So even if we say that he suffered from sunrise to sunset, it would only give us a total of approximately 12 hours of suffering before he finally spoke his last words. Those words were “My G-d, My G-d, why have you forsaken me?” (Matthew & Mark), or “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit” (Luke), or “It is finished” (John) and the point of this is not necessarily what he said because we have three different accounts but that he did not remain silent.

Approximately 70 years ago the world witnessed something that it had never seen before, something so horrific that when it was happening people everywhere were saying, “Who would believe what we have heard?” and it was impossible for people to fathom an atrocity like this happening to anyone in a civilized society. Unfortunately the world was in for a big surprise and so were the 6 million Jews that would endure the worst suffering and deaths ever in history. From 1939 to 1945, Jews from all over Europe and Asia were evicted from their homes, robbed of everything they had, and crammed into disease infested concentration camps where they would be forced into slavery again until they eventually met their ultimate fate, typhus, dysentery, starvation, electrocution, bullets, beatings, the gas, and the ovens. There was no resistance, no counter strike, and even as they were being forced into the ghettos and then eventually the camps, not only could they still not believe what was happening but they went along without making a collective “peep” about it. Wives were ripped away from their husbands and children torn away from their mothers, either taken away to be brainwashed or killed, then buried in mass graves or burned in the ovens.  When they ran out of bullets from shooting the children (because children wouldn’t sit or stand still long enough for them to do it efficiently) they would beat their heads against tree trunks to fulfill the orders of their commanders. They were forced to live in huts surrounded by electrified fences, barbed wire, living like sardines and only receiving enough food to remain conscious enough to perform grueling labor, if they were lucky. The conditions were worse than any prison and it has been described as if they were “the walking dead” because they were literally worked to the bone. There were 2 kinds of deaths that occurred in the camps. The first was an emotional death as their hope and joys were stripped from them with each day that passed and the second was the physical death that the majority embraced as they lost all hope of freedom or redemption. Some even resorted to suicide by running themselves into the electric fences because they couldn’t handle the emotional and physical tortures anymore. Others hung themselves and it was forbidden to save an inmate that was hanging him or herself and yet others clung to the thought that G-d would save them and eventually liberate them as He has before whether it were a physical or spiritual liberation. Of course there were survivors but 6 million perished in the most unthinkable ways. People were shaved from head to toe and the hair was used for pillows and stuffing. Their teeth were ripped out for the gold fillings that were in them. The Nazi’s experimented on live subjects trying to dye their eyes different colors and they even used the skins of people to make lamp shades. Jews were led to believe they were going into giant shower chambers for bathing and then the rooms would be filled with Zyklon B to kill them before they skinned them and then burned them in the crematoriums. Towards the end of the war, they ran out of money to gas them and even started burning them alive. These are the accounts of the tragic suffering that took place during the Holocaust and it was for no reason except that they were Jewish. Jews were not at war with anybody and committed no crime worthy of such punishment. If you want some further reading on the subject, I suggest you read “Man’s search for meaning” written by Dr. Viktor Frankl. He lived this experience firsthand and was familiar with the inner workings of multiple concentration camps including Auschwitz.  Six years worth of immense suffering befell the Jewish people and 6 million lost their lives. That’s an average of 1 million per year but thank G-d it’s over.

I have attached a copy of the text in Hebrew and I will be using the ArtScroll and JPS translations of the chapter because the Bible is both poetic and prophetic and these translations stay true to the contextual and literal interpretation without sacrificing G-d’s poetic license.  Besides, they are the only two English translations I have. At the behest of some of my Christian friends I will be starting in the 52nd chapter, verse 14 in order to be fair to both sides.

52:14 “Just as multitudes were astonished over you, [saying,] ‘His appearance is too marred to be a man’s, and his visage to be human,’”

52:14 “Just as the many were appalled at him – so marred was his appearance, unlike that of a man, his form, beyond human semblance.” (JPS)

Even though Yeshua was whipped and beaten, had a crown of thorns smashed onto his head before he was crucified, he was still healthy. He had no broken bones nor was he starved or sick before he died. Although he was tormented and did indeed suffer prior to his passing, he was not deformed or beyond looking human. The Jews in the Holocaust however were like walking zombies. They were beaten, starved, infected with diseases, and anybody who has ever seen pictures from the Holocaust knows exactly what I’m talking about. Then when they were eventually sent to the ovens and turned into piles of ashes, not only were they “too marred to be a man” but once you are turned to dust and ash, there is no way to tell that you were once even human.

52:15 “so will the many nations exclaim about him, and kings will shut their mouths [in amazement], for they will see that which had never been told to them, and will perceive things they had never heard.”

52:15 “Just so he shall startle many nations. Kings shall be silenced because of him, for they shall see what has not been told to them, shall behold what they never have heard.” (JPS)

I guess we should start with the things that are said about Yeshua that the “nations exclaim about him”. They say that he was a man-god that suffered and died for your sins so you could have salvation. Have we never really heard this before? I’m sure the world would disagree with that because a little research on Horus (son of the virgin Isis that died and was resurrected for all mankind in Egypt) will show you that we have seen this before. Or maybe that G-d would be incarnated as a man? Ask Pharaoh or Caesar or Xerxes or any other ruler of a super power nation that thought he was G-d. You can even ask Barack Obama about how he wanted to descend into Invesco Field on wires for the Democratic National Convention as the messiah that was going to save America in 2008 but decided against it after being advised that it was not such a good idea (wink wink). Wouldn’t it make more sense that these things that would be revealed to us and the things we have never heard would be the attempted extermination of G-d’s chosen people for no other reason than prospering in science, art, literature, and economics? Or even the redemption of the state of Israel after almost 2000 years of exile and the hopelessness that comes with having no home of your own? Most people in the world had no idea what was really going on behind the lines of the Axis powers and what they were hearing, they shrugged off as absurd and unimaginable. It wasn’t even until after the war that most of the horrific atrocities were even brought to light and still people were utterly speechless at the amazement of the things being relayed to them.

53:1 “Who would believe what we have heard! For whom has the arm of HaShem been revealed!”

53:1 “Who can believe what we have heard? Upon whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed?” (JPS)

Who would believe that someone would be tried, found guilty and crucified? Well, if you ask the 2 thieves that were crucified with Yeshua if they would believe this, then yes, them and anyone else who was crucified or knew someone who was found guilty and sentenced to a similar death. If the question is, “Who would believe that a man-god would die for the sins of mankind?” then the answer is simple, anyone that believed in Egyptian myths, or Roman followers of Mithra and so on. When we read throughout scripture about the “arm of the L-RD” being revealed, it references the Exodus from Egypt, the freedom from slavery and oppression, and the deliverance of His servant from bondage. This is very important because just as Pharaoh imposed harsher conditions on the Jews prior to the Exodus, he also tried to have all of the Israelite children exterminated. In other words, they suffered greatly before the “arm of the L-RD” was revealed and they were redeemed. After WWII was over and the Jews had suffered worse than any other time in history, the world was somehow compelled to establish the state of Israel and begin the process of redemption from exile back into the land that G-d had promised to our forefathers.

53:2 “Formerly he grew like a sapling or like a root from arid ground; he had neither form nor grandeur; we saw him, but without such visage that we could desire him.”

53:2 “For he has grown by His favor, like a tree crown, like a tree trunk out of arid ground. He had no form or beauty, that we should look at him: no charm, that we should find him pleasing.” (JPS)

This is where Christianity usually insists that this chapter is talking about the Messiah because of the root and sapling reference, except every other time the Messiah is described using these adjectives it is accompanied with Jesse, David’s father. This verse also implies that Yeshua had no form or grandeur if it is talking about him and it also says that people would not desire him but as I stated in the story about Yeshua that he was very charismatic and had quite a few followers. On the flip side of that coin, we can apply this to Israel in more than one way. We can take this all the way back to Abraham when he first left Ur-Kasdim, or when Israelites were slaves in Egypt, or even when scattered all over the globe after all the exiles. Jews had no home or form and had no state or grandeur and seemed to live archaically compared to modern thinking therefore nobody would “desire him”.

53:3 “He was despised and isolated from men, a man of pains and accustomed to illness. As one from whom we would hide our faces; he was despised, and we had no regard for him.”

53:3 “He was despised, shunned by men, a man of suffering, familiar with disease. As one who hid his face from us, he was despised, we held him of no account.” (JPS)

Yeshua was despised by the learned Jews of his day because he taught some things(not all) that were contradictory to Torah but he was not isolated from men. He often gave speeches to crowds and traveled with others but people did not hide their faces from him. In fact, it was the other way around. Not only did Yeshua hide from the Roman soldiers all the time, according to the Christian account, the rabbis at the time hid him also because even though they may have disagreed with him, he was still a Jew. Also, if this verse were about him he would have had to be “a man of pains and accustomed to illness” but suffering for 12 hours and never having a single illness cannot be a fulfillment of this. That would be like saying a man that had never been in a car accident before but just died in one, is “accustomed to car accidents”, and a logical response would be that it would be absurd to make that assessment of the individual who died in the only car accident he was ever involved in. On the other hand, the Jews were despised, put in concentration camps and isolated from men. They suffered many pains, among those were the hunger pains they experienced daily along with the beatings and experimental tortures. They had become accustomed to illness from working long hours in the freezing cold with rags for clothing, undernourished with weakened immune systems, and next to no access for medical care. The only real medical care they experienced was clinical death. They were the ones from whom we hid our faces and pretended that none of this was going on. There is no question the Jews were despised. How else could the world stand idly by and let 6 million of them die at the hands of the Nazi’s unless there was no regard for them.

53:4 “But in truth, it was our ills that he bore, and our pains that he carried – but we had regarded him diseased, stricken by God, and afflicted!”

53:4 “Yet it was our sickness that he was bearing, our suffering that he endured. We accounted him plagued, smitten and afflicted by God.” (JPS)

If you try and force a circle into a square hole, you might get it to fit. That is the only way you could make this seem like it is talking of Yeshua. It might have worked had it said that he bore our sins instead of ills. I could see how it might be construed as him carrying our pains as removing sin from us and that would be quite the burden but G-d tells us how to remove our iniquity in the scriptures of TaNaCh and that is through Teshuvah (return to G-d or repentance). How was Yeshua regarded as diseased? According to Christianity, he cured people of diseases but wasn’t diseased himself. I don’t think the inventors of the “New Testament” had Isaiah chapter 53 in mind when they were penning it or they would have included something about this. One more question. If this is about Yeshua, and Christians believe he is G-d, how is G-d stricken by G-d? If G-d is not only weak enough to die but crazy enough to beat himself up (heaven forbid), then I would definitely think twice about putting my trust and faith in a god like that. If we examine who it is that is actually speaking in this chapter, then this verse, along with the rest of them, would make a lot more sense. Isaiah is relating to the reader that these are the leaders of the gentile nations that stand in amazement and awe at what has transpired. The gentile rulers are realizing the truth that it was their ills and pains that were inflicted on the Jewish people. It was Hitler that said that the Jews were diseased rodents that needed to be exterminated and it was Michael Brown that said the Holocaust happened because the Jews rejected their messiah and therefore were stricken by G-d.

53:5 “He was pained because of our rebellious sins and oppressed through our iniquities; the chastisement upon him was for our benefit, and through his wounds, we were healed.”

53:5 “But he was wounded because of our sins, crushed because of our iniquities. He bore the chastisement that made us whole, and by his bruises we were healed.” (JPS)

It would be dishonest of me to say this doesn’t sound like it fits Yeshua but it only fits when you don’t have an understanding of G-d’s salvation program and only see it through the Christian interpretation of forgiveness. For it to apply to Yeshua, you must first believe that someone other than you is responsible for your sins and that someone else’s death can atone for you. This is however, very far from reality. G-d clearly tells Moshe(Moses) that he may not take the punishment for Israel’s(the nation) sin of the golden calf. They are responsible for their own actions and must repent and make it right for themselves. We see evidence for this early in Genesis(4:7)  “Surely, if you improve yourself, you will be forgiven. But if you do not improve yourself, sin rests at the door. Its desire is towards you, yet you can conquer it.” and that repentance and improving yourself through your actions are the clear cut ways to be forgiven. You may also give charity and when they took the first census, when they gave money to be counted for the people of Israel and that also made atonement for their souls. If we examine this through real world events and with the understanding that not only is human sacrifice forbidden by G-d but we are responsible for our own actions, this is not only not referring to Yeshua but is definitely speaking about Israel as a nation. The leaders of the gentile nations realized that our suffering and dying were the result of their own rebellious sins and that our pain and oppression were a result of their iniquities. They also realized that even though we suffered horrific persecution and near extermination, the chastisement that we bore actually benefitted them. Not only did they have newly acquired wealth but the world started the healing process and entered into the stage of final redemption. Through this atrocity the United Nations was formed and there was finally a worldly establishment dedicated to ensuring freedom and basic liberties to all of G-d’s creatures.

53:6 “We have all strayed like sheep, each of us turning his own way, and HaShem inflicted upon him the iniquity of us all.”

53:6 “We all went astray like sheep, each going his own way; and the LORD visited upon him, the guilt of us all.” (JPS)

It is true that we have all strayed like sheep and gone our own way but Christians will be quick to point the finger at Israel and say this is why it has to be about the need for Yeshua. That would have to mean that all of these things that happened in this portion of Isaiah had happened in the time of Yeshua and also that G-d needs a straight jacket because this would mean that G-d was inflicting G-d again. The Idea that someone can bear your iniquity for you is antithetical to the Hebrew Scriptures. But if this is speaking of Israel as a whole, not only does this make sense for the Holocaust but for other points in the history of the Jewish people also. If you’re thinking that it is impossible for it to be both the Nazi’s and G-d that is responsible for the persecution of the Holocaust then you don’t believe that G-d ultimately controls everything and should probably re-examine your faith.

53:7 “He was persecuted and afflicted, but he did not open his mouth; like a sheep being led to the slaughter or a ewe that is silent before her sharers, he did not open his mouth.”

53:7 “He was maltreated, yet he was submissive, he did not open his mouth; like a sheep being led to slaughter, like a ewe, dumb before those who shear her, he did not open his mouth.” (JPS)

You could say that Yeshua was persecuted and afflicted even if it was only for a relatively short time and he was definitely not quiet while he was dying on the cross. So if you read this verse looking for Yeshua, you will definitely find him but only if you are willing to overlook the “he did not open his mouth” part and it seems that the “he did not open his mouth” is the most important part of this verse considering it is mentioned twice. This again can be applied to Israel as a nation in multiple points of history in almost any of the many exiles. It is ever so present during the Holocaust. It may seem easier to boldly apply it to the Holocaust because it wasn’t that long ago and it’s thoroughly documented but that’s part of the era we live in. Where was the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) to fight off the Nazi’s? That’s right, there was no such thing. Only by the grace of G-d and His promise that the nation of Israel would be ETERNAL and G-d always keeps His promises. As the victims were being led from ghettos to concentration camps to work sites back to camp to their shower (a.k.a. gas chamber) and finally to the ovens or mass graves and bon fires, they said nothing for fear of a beating. They filed Jews into the gas chambers like sheep being led to the slaughter and here they thought they were finally going to get a shower for the first time in weeks, months, or years.  Little did they know the shower was Zyklon B.

53:8 “Now that he has been released from captivity and judgment, who could have imagined such a generation? For he had been removed from the land of the living, an affliction upon them that was my people’s sin.”

53:8 “By oppressive judgment he was taken away, who could describe his abode? For he was cut off from the land of the living, through the sin of my people, who deserved the punishment.” (JPS)

I’ve been told that this reference to Yeshua can foretell his death and “giving up the ghost” or his journey into Hell to rescue Abraham and others from damnation and his ascension up to heaven with his new found souls or even both. What bothers me is the second part of the verse. Here the narrative switches from the singular into the plural. Although the Christian bibles translate “them” as “he” instead of rendering it properly, they purposely mislead the reader to think that this chapter is about Yeshua. If you read it from a Hebrew/English linear Bible it will usually be translated properly or any Hebrew version or Jewish translation for that matter. Not only is there a serious mistranslation here but even if it was still in the singular, it would still be referring to Israel. Now that the Jews are free from the concentration camps and released from captivity and the judgment of their Nazi captors, the world is in amazement, pondering how such things could have happened in such a civilized world.  6 million Jews removed from the land of the living at the expense of none of their own sins. I do not for 1 second believe that they were sinless. Instead I’m saying that they were rounded up and slaughtered without due cause and that was the “my people’s sin” in reference to the leaders of the gentile nations that perpetrated this heinous act.

53:9 “He submitted himself to his grave like wicked men; and the wealthy [submitted] to his executions, for committing no crime and with no deceit in his mouth.”

53:9 “And his grave was set among the wicked, and with the rich in his deaths, though he had done no injustice and had spoken no falsehood.” (JPS)

According to Christian scripture, Yeshua was executed with thieves and buried in a rich mans tomb which is the opposite of what it says in this verse. Whether or not he committed a crime or lied has absolutely no bearing on whether or not this applies to him because the verse has been nullified by the fact that the opposite occurred in the gospel account of the crucifixion and burial. I would also like to point out that if this were talking about the Messiah then he would have to die more than once. The word “executions” can also be translated as “deaths” plural and not in the single death of Yeshua. During the Holocaust there were wicked and righteous Jews just as there are now. But there was no time in history that so many righteous buried and/or cremated with the wicked and in such a wicked way. They submitted themselves because of a faith in G-d that can only be described by the events which have haunted us for centuries. For almost 2000 years we have experienced exile after exile, pogroms, inquisitions, the Holocaust, and even constant scrutiny in this day and age. “Convert, Die, or Get out” has been shouted at us for way too long and we’ve survived because of “emuna” and because of G-d’s promise that Israel would be ETERNAL. The rich and the poor alike were murdered. Not for committing a crime or even for speaking falsely but for being disease infested rodents that needed to be exterminated.

53:10 “HaShem desired to oppress him and He afflicted him; if his soul would acknowledge guilt, he would see offspring and live long days and the desire of HaShem would succeed in his hand.”

53:10 “But the LORD chose to crush him by disease, that, if he made himself an offering for guilt, he might see offspring and have long life, and that through him the LORD’S purpose might prosper.” (JPS)

Not only are we stuck with the same G-d punish G-d situation here as we were before but this one is even more perplexing. Yeshua was supposed to be the sinless, unblemished lamb that died for your sins on the cross and yet it states right here that if he would have acknowledged his guilt, he would see offspring and live long days. The JPS rendering gives a little different twist to an already sticky situation. It says (if this were referring to Yeshua) that the L-rd chose to crush him by disease. I don’t know if you can classify a cross as a disease or not but I don’t think hanging and being crushed are the same thing either. In fact, according to John’s gospel, not a single bone of Yeshua’s body was broken. Of course this was stated so he could be equated with the Passover lamb and John is the only one that compares Yeshua to the Passover lamb. But how could this be speaking about ETERNAL Israel? Very easily. The offering of guilt in this verse is actually literally translated as guilt-offering. The significance between the guilt-offering and the Holocaust is so astounding, even as grotesque of a thought as it was, I could not over look it. A guilt-offering is defined in Leviticus chapter 7 and goes something like this. The guilt-offering is a fire-offering in which all the parts are to go up in smoke and the hide belongs to the one making the offering. I mentioned before that during the Holocaust Hitler not only burned Jews in the ovens of Auschwitz but he also used their skins as lamp shades and their hair as stuffing for pillows. He sacrificed these people on the alters of ovens and kept their hides as his portion but not until he worked and starved them to death. So after the atrocities of WWII the L-RD’S purpose has prospered because the land that was sworn to us is once again being inhabited by its rightful owners and is awaiting the final ingathering.

53:11 “He would see [the purpose] and be satisfied with his soul’s distress. With his knowledge My servant will vindicate the Righteous One to multitudes; it is their iniquities that he will carry.”

53:11 “Out of his anguish he shall see it; He shall enjoy it to the full through his devotion. My righteous servant makes the many righteous, it is their punishment that he bears.” (JPS)

Christians claim that this is Yeshua and his full atonement of sin. That finally he sees that his suffering was worth it. If he was supposed to be G-d in the flesh, how could he be so clueless? As a Jew, my soul can’t help but feel sorry for those that have died giving their last breath to say, “I would rather die than turn my back on G-d and take on idol worship”. I hate to say it but if it weren’t for the horrendous things that were done to the Jews in WWII, we might not even have the state of Israel. The suffering and death to almost half the world’s Jewish population had a meaning after all. It meant we get to start going home. It means the rebuilding of the Temple. It means the ingathering of the exiles. It means the coming of the messianic age. It means that the Moshiach is coming. Now that is vindication!

53:12 “Therefore, I will assign him a portion from the multitudes and he will divide the mighty as spoils – in return for having poured out his soul for death and being counted among the wicked, for he bore the sin of the multitudes, and prayed for the wicked.”

53:12 “Assuredly, I will give him the many as his portion, he shall receive the multitude as his spoil. For he exposed himself to death and was numbered among the sinners, whereas he bore the guilt of the many and made intercession for sinners.”

The unavoidable keeps rearing its ugly head. Why does G-d need to assign G-d a portion if they are supposed to be one single entity? G-d can take whatever portion he wants. Why would he have to assign it to his alter ego? The Christian theme has G-d not being able to be in the presence of sin and thus being the need for the blood of Yeshua to cover that sin before G-d. If G-d is not able to be in the presence of sin, then how can he bare the guilt or the sin of the many if he can’t even be in the presence of it? As for Israel, they were promised this portion and this is just reinforcing the meaning of the suffering that they endured. It is a reminder of the reward to come for staying faithful to G-d and walking in His ways. They may have died like sinners and been counted among the wicked but it was all for the betterment of the world. It was not to completely nullify His covenant with us but a tool He used to fulfill His promise. Even though the oppression was brought on by the sin of others we still pray daily for those that persecute us.

I encourage any and all feedback. If you would like to debate anything that has been presented here, we can do it publicly or through private messages. If you have any ideas for future pieces, I more than welcome your input. Thank you for reading and may the G-d of Israel guide you home. And please don’t forget to share it =)