The God of Israel said to me “Write these words”:

“I have come to the earth to dwell with My anointed king Keith Ellis McCarty as I once came to dwell among the tents of the Israelites and who writes these words exactly as I speak them as My servant Moses did:

Keith Ellis McCarty is the twig that shoots from the stump of Jesse, the lineal descendant of King David through King Solomon prophesied by My servant Isaiah, a son of David;

Keith Ellis McCarty is Elijah prophesied by My servant Malachi to be My messenger of the new covenant of the forgiveness of the sins of the Jewish people and to reconcile the families of the Jewish people to Judaism;

Keith Ellis McCarty is the prophet like Moses prophesied by My servant Moses whom I speak with face to face and who writes My words;

Keith Ellis McCarty is My righteous servant prophesied by My servant Isaiah that makes the many righteous by his knowledge;

Keith Ellis McCarty is the man whom My spirit alighted upon and entered into as My spirit did with My prophet Ezekiel;

Keith Ellis McCarty is a priest forever, a righteous king by My decree after the manner of Melchizedek and My son David; and

My hand shall be constantly with him and My arm shall strengthen him. No enemy shall oppress him and no vile man will afflict him. My faithfulness and steadfast love shall be with him.”