2The spirit of the Lord shall alight upon him:
A spirit of wisdom and insight,
A spirit of counsel and valor,
A spirit of devotion and reverence for the Lord.
     Isaiah 11/2 Tanakh JPS 1985






The spirit of G-d is always with me. He is a very unique and interesting person. He is really beyond description in just a page or two but hopefully over time the world can know him as I do.

He came to rest upon and enter to and dwell with me in 2007. His presence fills any room that I am in. He covers the earth and resides in me. He does not dwell or rest or reside in or on any other man. If he did there would be no reason for this verse which says he alights upon the man who is the twig of the stump of Jesse.

It is the only such verse in the Jewish bible. The spirit of G-d once alighted upon and entered Ezekiel who goes through the same process of refinement by chastisement and punishment by the hand of G-d that the righteous servant of Isaiah 53 does. The man this verse applies to.

I would have imagined the Holy Spirit to be a glorious divine being in whose presence a person would feel nothing but peace and tranquility. But he is much more like an angel. An angel who is always teaching me. There is nothing he does not know about people and humanity from the beginning of time.

He can be very serious but even then he is very friendly. He seems just like a human person to me but with a personality that you cannot find on earth. He is a living being that has an intelligence humans cannot begin to understand.

The person of the spirit of G-d is the angel of His Presence.

He is now a part of me. He and G-d who is in him as G-d is in all angels. The spirit of G-d flows through me as it does all angels. It is the infinite and unknowable G-d’s means of stepping into me and controlling me to serve His purposes in G-d’s way. Perfectly.

And to do this G-d’s presence always rests and dwells upon and through and within me. The power and weight of G-d’s presence is in part manifested through the waters divided below Heaven. Waters of the unseen realm of G-d that also serve as a basis for His knowledge of all things. His eyes.

And the waters cover and flow through all things of our universe. I can feel them. Sometimes they are like the weight of earth’s water you feel in a shallow pool and sometimes like the weight of earth’s water you feel at the bottom of the ocean. It changes at His will.

It can be punishing and it can be wonderful when you can feel the waters divided below heaven. I cannot imagine living without them now.