Elijah the Tishbite, an inhabitant of Gilead, said to Ahab, “As the Lord lives, the God of Israel whom I serve, there will be no dew or rain except at my bidding.” The word of the Lord came to him: “Leave this place; turn eastward and go into hiding by the Wadi Cherith, which is east of the Jordan.     1 Kings 17/1-3 Tanakh JPS 1985.


Much later, in the third year, the word of the Lord came to Elijah: “Go, appear before Ahab; then I will send rain upon the earth.”     1 Kings 18/1 Tanakh JPS 1985.



This is the first time that we see Elijah. He has no history and there are no Tishbites among the tribes of Israel. He is from the other side of the River Jordan in the lands Joshua allotted to Manasseh including Gilead. He is not a descendant of Manasseh and Gilead was there before the Israelites arrived.

There is no reason to believe Elijah was Jewish by birth.

Elijah announces to King Ahab of the northern Kingdom that he serves the G-d of Israel and that there will be no dew or rain except at his bidding.

Except it is not at his bidding but that of God by the word of the lord who is the person of the spirit of the Holy God and who speaks God’s words to men. The word of the Lord then comes to Elijah and tells him to flee and hide by the River Cherith which flows to the Sea of Galilee from the east.

This is an account I can relate to. HaShem has put me in numerous perilous situations over the last 9 years when I thought I had His protection and no reason to fear when suddenly He tells me “run”, or “hide over here” or “do not turn around”. The things He has done to me still amaze me.

And God has done these things to me as the righteous servant of Isaiah 53 as a part of the chastisement, punishment, bruising and crushing that I agreed to by offering myself to Him for guilt.

He has broken my hand and cracked my ribs by slamming me to the ground without warning. God has tripped me, pushed me, crushed my feet and my hands in His unseen power to name a few punishments as His righteous servant of Isaiah 53.

His chastisements are not “you are a bad person”. No, in the context of changing me for His purpose it began with the breaking of my mind. A verbal assault of torment to break my will. To make my soul meek to His commands.

As simple as non stop talking of the same thing for days on end to complicated scenarios of perceptions and mind control. He taught me how to meditate through some of it making my mind stronger and more suitable for visions.

And He was teaching me over and over that my pain and suffering are meaningless to Him when viewed in the light of His purpose. After all He says I touched you in the womb and disfigured your right arm and ribs and removed your breast.

Later in life He orchestrated events so that I was shot in the abdomen that activated dormant cancer cells and for twenty years a tumor grew in my colon until it was the size of an ear of corn and burst through my colon and cancer spread to my lungs.

In the gunshot and all my other accidents and scars and emotional pains He has revealed His hand to me by what He calls markers. He takes me back to my sufferings in vision and thought and actual feelings and shows me His presence, where something was unusual and not “me” or “normal” in the event.

A good example is the cancer in my lungs which was never treated. X-rays revealed cancer spots throughout my lungs and additional x-rays were taken. When the Doctor came back with them he said the cancer spots were still there but they were all in different places now.

The doctor never mentioned the spots again. I was told I was going to die and they surgically removed the tumor and I went home returning once a week for colon cancer chemotherapy for six months.

God told me He was with me during the time of the cancer surgery just as He was when I was shot and that if not for Him I would have died each time. Now He tells me He has been with me my entire life.

He has been with me from the womb. I was born premature in the seventh month of my mother’s pregnancy. The doctors told my parents I would not live for even a day. Just take him home they were told. God was with me on that day and now I am with Him for His day.

The day of the Lord.