The Jewish afterlife is called Olam Ha-Ba, the world to come. Judaism is not focused on the question of how to get into heaven. Judaism is focused on life and how to live it.

The place of spiritual punishment and purification for the dead in Judaism is referred to as Gehinnom or She’ol. The Torah indicates in several places that the righteous will be reunited with their loved ones after death while the wicked will be excluded from this reunion after death. Humanity is capable of being considered righteous in G-d’s eyes and merit paradise after a suitable period of purification.

The place of spiritual reward for the righteous is often referred to in Hebrew as Gan Eden (the Garden of Eden). This is not the same place where Adam and Eve were; it is a place of spiritual perfection, a place of the peace that one feels when one experiences Shabbat properly, the bliss of the afterlife likened to the warmth of a sunny day.

Every act we do in our lifetime leaves an imprint on our soul. The good we do brightens and elevates our soul, and every wrongdoing leaves a stain that needs to be cleansed. If, at the end of our life, we leave this world without fixing the wrongs we have done, our soul is unable to reach its place of rest on high. We must go through a cycle of deep cleansing. Our soul is flung around at an intense spiritual heat to rid it of any residue it may have gathered, and to prepare it for entry into Heaven.

That’s why our Sages said, “Repent one day before you die.” And what should you do if you don’t know which day that will be? Repent today.

(From: various writings by Rabbi’s based on the Talmud)


10But the Lord chose to crush him by disease, That, if he made himself an offering for guilt, He might see offspring and have long life, And that through him the Lord’s purpose might prosper.     Isaiah 53/10 Tanakh JPS 1985



As the righteous servant of Isaiah 53 my soul is being cleansed and tempered by the hand of G-d by bruising, crushing, chastisement and punishment by his power and words. It is a process Ezekiel, David, Moses and Elijah went through.

G-d crushed me with cancer and I made myself an offering to Him for guilt, my very soul. My soul is the DNA of my emotions, feelings, and temperament that with my spirit form the person that I am.

My soul was an angry soul full of self will and was a part of all my sins in life. I gave G-d my soul and person as guilt and full of sin without need of judgement and He sentenced me to punishment, chastisement, crushing and bruising until I was suitable for His purpose with me to prosper.

Having your soul cleansed and tempered while you are alive is very difficult and very painful both physically and emotionally. The process is much easier if you are dead and G-d does not have a human body that you are in to cause physical pain.

The emotional pain is far worse than the physical pain and nothing to look forward to if you are a sinner like I was. It is a far better thing you do than you have ever done to atone and repent and ask G-d to forgive you every chance you have.

It is done to remove my self will and self righteousness and temper all of my emotions so that I am suitable for the prosperity of His purpose which is the redemption of the Jewish people.

It is an anguish I cannot describe. Eight plus years now day in and day out. There are a lot of good times to. There is a lot of humor and learning the scripture. And I always feel G-d’s presence and His power which is hard to describe.

I do not know for certain what happens after death as far as Gehinnom or She’ol is concerned. G-d tells me He is creating a Kingdom in heaven of angelic human spirit persons. He has  already created a Kingdom of angelic pure spirit persons. The Tanakh says it will be an angelic heaven filled with the Jewish people.

In Christianity when Jesus returns the dead in Christ will rise to him in the sky and those alive who believe in him will be transformed to spirit beings and rise to him after that. Jesus has not returned and the dead in Christ still remain in their graves. There are no Christians in Heaven according to Christianity.

And Jesus will never return according to Jesus. He said he would return and measured the time frame by lives of his generation. They all died long ago. Saying he would return and the Romans who pierced him with the spear would see his return in the Book of Revelations was the last of these statements.

Jesus was not who he thought he was. And the dead in Christ will forever lie in their graves. I am the man described in Isaiah 53 who makes the many righteous. Righteousness does not come from believing that G-d sacrificed His son for the sins of humanity. That is a false teaching.